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Awesome Ideas for Cooking Duck

If you are like some people, you probably like the richness of duck because the meat can be more interesting than chicken. However, if you haven’t tried preparing it at home, you will be surprised to know that it’s actually simpler t prepare than you may have thought.

There’s More to Duck than l’orange

When you buy duck at a local supermarket, you may find a whole bird displayed in the freezer section with the cavity stuffed with a plastic orange sauce for making l’orange. However, there is actually more to this birth than this dish. You can get quality meat when you buy Lac Brome’s duck. A duck breast can be seared in minutes for a quick dinner. But, you can also slowly braise the duck legs in their own fat to come up with a delicious duck confit. The whole bird can be roasted or barbecued for a sophisticated presentation for a company or let it cook in the slow cooker to have a sumptuous weeknight meal.

Cooking duck for the first time can be intimidating. Unlike other poultry like chicken and turkey, a duck has dark meat. In fact, even its breast is dark. However, duck is very forgiving in the kitchen. It can be cooked safely at a lower temperature. When duck breast is seared to medium-rare, it will have a look and flavour comparable to steak. Plus, it tends to cook as quickly. But, duck meat is lean. Although you can find a good layer of fat beneath its skin, you can remove or cook it easily before serving. If you have tried ordering duck breast at a restaurant, you will find the crisp skin marked with a crosshatch pattern. This method allows the fat in the meat to drain out while it cooks.

Cooking Peking Duck

If you have tried eating a Peking duck, you have probably appreciated its crisp skin. This duck is traditionally prepared which often takes a few days. However, you can use other methods to achieve a lot of the same results. Traditionally, a Peking duck is prepared by inflating the skin before cooking so that fat drains down and out of the meat while it roasts. But, you can peel the skin away from the breasts and around the thighs because fat tends to be in a higher quantity here. Then, pour boiling water over the duck to let the fat melt while the skin tightens. The duck must be chilled uncovered on a refrigerator rack overnight.

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