Coffee from Coffee Clubs

It’s time to step up your coffee game. Stop settling for something that does not even come close to that distinct artisan coffee you secretly have been craving for the past few weeks. Coffee is one of the most important and essential parts of your daily routine so it’s time to take it to a new height. You will claim this new spark of joy in your life by getting coffee from the best coffee club! It’s time to raise your standards and finally get something you deserve. Rokah Coffee Club brings you the best coffee roasters in Los Angeles. They are simply the best because of the companies they get coffee from. They search the city for Los Angeles’ best coffee shops and send you a box from a local gem every month. It is absolutely awesome as all the coffee beans are freshly roasted and what a joy to have it delivered to your doorstep! All the coffee they get from the coffee shop can be brewed using any of your favorite methods. In other words, you can brew them any way you like in the comfort of your own home.

The most inevitable event to happen if you can’t get enough of that new roast, you’ll eventually look for more. In that case, the problem is solved! You can visit the coffee shop anytime and buy some more and try all the other variety each coffee shop has to offer. It’s Rokah’s way to get you to find your next favorite locally roasted coffee. This month of January, the featured roaster is Cognoscenti Coffee. The coffee club does not just feature coffee for just the coffee itself but they do so to help you discover local coffee, friendly staff, and great atmosphere. Cognoscenti, by the way, refer to those who hold expertise in a particular subject – which in this case is coffee, no doubt. This local roaster actually has a mascot you’d gladly want to be interested in. They have three locations and for sure you will notice their Cognoscenti Owl mascot.

As you know, owls represent wisdom which matches Cognoscenti Coffee to its name. The atmosphere is really friendly and known to serve as a second home to locals in their locations. They have one in Culver City, and the rest is in Fashion District and South Park. Cognoscenti Coffee continues to perfectly craft the beverage that simply excites any coffee lover. They best recommend the Ceiba Huehuetenango Guatemala as a pour over. The chocolatey and nutty flavors typically scream out the best Guatemalan coffee. For the month of December, they featured Alana’s Coffee Roasters. Alana’s is located to Mar Vista but still very close to Culver City. They specialize in dark, bold coffee. They roast their coffee beans almost everyday to guarantee the coffee is fresh and available on-site. You might be surprised to find out the co-founders sometimes take time to man the register.

Alana’s Coffee Roasters is actually named after one of the co-founder’s daughter. It has a cozy indoor atmosphere that will definitely keep you coming back. Dark, bold coffee is Alana’s specialty. They have a large, vintage, and customer Chemex for their pour over to be ready whenever you are – no long lines of waiting. Alana’s Coffee Roasters has plenty of parking lot and outside seating where people can hang out. They guarantee the coffee beans freshness because they roast small batches every day. Fresh coffee and spacious outside seating, it is definitely one for the books. In November 2018, they featured The Boy & The Bear coffee roastery. They have two locations, one in Culver City and the other one is in Redondo Beach. Their name, The Boy & The Bear, is after a Swedish lullaby which has a little boy who shared his berries to a bear and then they became close friends. Even if they have differences, they still became friends over berries.

The founder knows very well that people come together and can become friends over a cup of coffee. The coffee beans are exclusively from Colombia where the founder exclusively go there himself and has built a great relationship with the farmers. They recommend the Light & Dark blend but the best he had is called William Correa. They regularly roast coffee beans in small batches three times a week to ensure the freshness of the coffee beans. The atmosphere and the appearance of the place are calming and very friendly, you’d definitely find yourself coming back.

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