Healthy Corporate Catering

Morning Tea

Eating healthily is about replacing your unhealthy choices instead of ruling them out altogether. You may still enjoy tea and cakes more than a morning ending up in a customer or perhaps a ten a.m. brain-storming session. Switch the old loaves of bread sticky buns and tea cakes having a fruit-bread or fruit-based pikelet: low-sugar blueberry bread and date loaf are also great alternatives. Fruit- or vegetable-based muffins in various flavour varieties are great with coffee: brown bread toast muffin options are a good supply of nutritional fibre. Similarly, brown bread toast biscuits are a good option to the conventional Arnott’s variety pack, especially if they contain additional good fats like nuts, or natural sugars produced from fruit.

Steer obvious of cakes, muffins, and biscuits will cream fillings or iced tops. Packaged foods not just contain high preservatives and additives, but additionally hidden sugars, fats, and salts. Getting a caterer to organize a proper morning tea for you personally is a far greater option to purchasing your ‘low-fat’ options in the supermarket: not just is the food fresh, but it is free of all the hidden surprises of packaged food.


Salads would be the apparent option, but additionally a catering favourite. Speak to your caterer about incorporating fresh, periodic produce into a number of sensational salads. Think colourful leafy vegetables like mixed lettuce, rocket, and green spinach, in addition to plump tomato plants, crisp carrots and cucumbers, mushrooms, capsicums, and snap-fresh snow peas. You may make any salad more thrilling with periodic summer time touches like stone fruit, berries, or edible flowers.

A sandwich platter is yet another perfect method to incorporate goods carbohydrates, fibre from whole grain products and nutrients from vegetables into what you eat. Whole-wheat or whole-grain breads or bread rolls are healthier options to highly-processed white-colored breads. You might try rye bread or pita, plain focaccias or lavash bread. Speak to your caterer by what they could make or source fresh for you personally.

Replace deli pork or packaged salami with healthier, protein-wealthy alternatives like lean beef, lean roasted chicken or poultry breast, or steamed eggs. Tinned fish is yet another good option, as long as it’s well drained and rinsed of oils or brine. You may be better to speak to your caterer about ordering fresh smoked salmon or grilled white-colored fish. The good thing about getting your healthy lunch catered is you can speak to your caterer concerning the cooking process to make sure that very little fat and oil can be used to organize meals.

If you are catering for vegetarian options, use ricotta or reduced-fat cheese like a sandwich filling. Raw vegetables are an execllent alternative: cram just as much fresh salad while you dare on your sandwiches!

Ditch salty supermarket spreads instead of a homemade mayonnaise or relish. Avocado is a superb spread alternative, in addition to being full of good fats. You might try cottage type cheese or perhaps a poly- or mono-unsaturated margarine instead of butter.

Platters, Appetisers and Finger Food

Fruit platters would be the perfect crowd pleaser! Include many fresh, periodic fruits for the Vitamins A and C, plus some of the daily iron and potassium intake. Melons, citrus, apples, stone fruits, blueberry, pears, and berries are perfect for any fruit platter. If you are fed up with the classic office platter, why don’t you have your caterer create fruit kebabs for you personally? You can even include sweet, reduced-fat yogurt like a dipping sauce.

Fresh sliced vegetables are another fantastic raw food platter for that office. During the cold months, you can ask your caterer to organize a platter of vegetables still hot in the grill, or, again, vegetable kebabs. Tzatziki, hummus, vegetable-based salsas, cream cheese, or organic nut butter are wonderful healthy sides for vegetable platters.

Cheese and cracker platters could be revamped to fit your nutritional needs too. Replace fatty cheeses with ricotta, fetta, or any other hard cheeses. Forget water crackers: include salt-reduced crisp breads or crackers, almond bread or perhaps a toasted lavash or pita bread. Nuts, are wonderful supply of healthy fats and protein, could be offered roasted and unsalted: almonds, brazils nuts, pecans, and pistachios are the best options. Complete your cheese platter with a few dried fruit or some crisp grapes.

Finger food is equally as easy to serve fresh, healthy, and scrumptious. Have your caterer constitute platters of fresh sushi or grain paper rolls with lots of vegetables, avocado, and smoked salmon or chicken white meat. A minimal-fat, salt-reduced soy or sweet chilli sauce creates an excellent dipping sauce.


Continue the healthy tone of the function by including a number of diet-friendly beverages inside your catering company. Plain, chilled water is definitely an apparent option: lace it with fresh lemon or orange, or mint for an additional burst of flavour. Plain, caffeine free coffee is the best option to your morning jumbo latte with three sugars. Eco-friendly or white-colored teas are wealthy causes of antioxidants, while herb teas are available in wide ranges of flavour. You can have your caterer create a number of fresh fruit and veggies juices, incorporating current health trends like spirulina or goji berries.

Your caterer can advise yon around the how to help make your corporate catering health-conscious and tongue-tantalising. Speak to your experienced Sunshine Coast catering company today for diet-friendly inspiration!

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