Why it’s A Good Idea to Make Your Own Comfort Food

Comfort food is usually associated with food that you had a physical, spiritual or emotional connection with. It can be your mother’s cooking, the food that your father eats during match day, something that your family is fond of eating every time you’re together, something that you can reminisce about, food that shapes who you are as a person. Comfort food is not fixed, each person is unique and that can also be said as far as comfort food is concerned.

For the most part, you base your comfort food on your experience and how it makes you feel. Usually, there are a few commonalities with comfort food and that’s mostly sweet, savory, delectable, sinful, umami, warm, cold, fatty, salty, the list is endless. It’s determined by your experiences in life, your upbringing, family, culture, religion, beliefs,country and so much more. No matter what your comfort food is, one thing is certain; you will come looking for it whenever you require that same level of comfort.

Maybe you should make your own comfort food: You don’t usually eat your comfort food every day but you do eat it from time to time (especially when you’ve had a bad day). With a ton of comfort food restaurants varieties that are available today, from traditional to fusion, you can expect that there will be a restaurant that serves your comfort food, no matter how unique you think it is. However, if you’ve been having your comfort food quite often these days, don’t you think you’re spending a lot just for that? Maybe it’s a good idea to just make it on your own for a change.

The benefits of making your own comfort food: Depending on the difficulty, preparing the food that you love so much can be tasking, unlike going to a restaurant where you can just order, eat, pay and leave without even washing the dishes later. But at home, you have to buy the raw ingredients, prepare the food, and do the dishes as well. Although it can take a toll on a person,there are more perks in preparing your own food:comfort food restaurants

  • Cheaper
  • You can guarantee the freshness
  • You save on gas
  • You have free reign over the flavor of your food
  • You can make your own portions
  • You can have all the time you need to enjoy your food

You need more convincing? Think about it, if you make your own comfort food, you can finally call your family to spend the holidays with you and brag about how you can make their favorite dishes. You can make your parents proud of you. If you want to impress your mother, cooking the comfort food that she used to have is the best way to show her your appreciation.

Comfort food is different for every person and that’s because there are many aspects as to why people decide what their comfort food is. No matter what it is though, we know it’s delicious. If you don’t know where to start, try searching for a good recipe and if you’re too embarrassed to call your mom, there are many recipes that you can find with the link above.

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